We are Escelion Films - lovers, supporters, advocates and producers of film.

Our purpose to to produce film for us and for you. For the love of the medium and the creation process, and the challenge of delivering emotions and messages through film.
We work in feature and shorts, fiction and documentary, entertainment, live events and corporate video.
We are happy to take a corporate strategy and translate that into an exciting film production, or take an idea for pure entertainment and develop it into visual joy.

Want to get in touch and talk about our services?
Contact our director: steve@escelionfilms.com

This website is currently being rebuilt from the ground up, so please bear with us during the process.

In the meantime, you can watch examples of our work on our VIMEO or YOUTUBE channels.

COMING SOON: our most ambitious project to date, a "big short" film starring Leo Rand and Tom Dangerfield. Currently in Post-Production.

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